It is always nice to transition to spring clothing after a season of wearing bulky and heavy clothing. I was happy to get my latest Spring Stitch Fix and I am sharing all the details on this April Stitch Fix box.

April Stitch Fix Unboxing 2020

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April Stitch Fix Unboxing

It goes without saying that the world is a little crazy right now. I am clinging on to the small, sweet joys that life is still bringing. Fashion is a great distraction from what is going on and I was so happy to get a new Stitch Fix order. This year’s spring style includes floral prints, pastels and a lot of denim. Whether or not, I will have a chance to wear these clothes out and about, I am still interested in some new spring pieces. My Spring Stitch Fix box included a big mix of items including a pair of joggers, a denim jacket, a light sweater, short sleeve tee and a floral dress. It is always really helpful to try on the items with things you already have in your closet to see if it is versatile or if you already have items that are too similar.

Honestly, while I was trying on these clothing, I was totally in a happy place. It really took my mind off of everything else going on. It is truly the little things right now! Anyway, let’s to get to what was in my order!

Item #1 // Navy Floral Dress $74

The first piece I pulled out of my April stitch Fix box was this Navy Floral Dress. Flowers are definitely in this spring and I am very interested in a few floral pieces.

Spring Stitch Fix Unboxing April 2020

My Stitch Fix stylist suggested pairing this dress with a denim jacket and bright colored sandals or a utility jacket and casual canvas shoes. I didn’t have my denim jacket nearby but I think it would definitely look cute with a jacket.

Spring Stitch Fix Unboxing April 2020

Unfortunately, this floral dress falls a little short for me . Also, I’d like it better if it had pockets.  I like the lace trim on the collar. My husband happened to see my with this dress on and he really liked it. Which made me consider keeping the dress. But it is on the pricier dress for an item I don’t know I could get a lot of use out of.  I think I would prefer a longer, flowing, floral dress.

Spring Stitch Fix Unboxing April 2020

I decided to send this item back and I’ll keep on the look out for more affordable cute floral spring dress.

Item #2 // Blue Drawstring Joggers $48

These light blue joggers are an item I might not have even considered if I wasn’t stuck indoors this spring. While I absolutely love lounge clothing, I do not necessary need more. This joggers caught my eye because the color is a nice soft blue.

Stitch Fix Athleisure Spring 2020

The brand of these joggers is Free People which always makes nice, comfy clothing.

Stitch Fix Athleisure Spring 2020


These joggers are SO soft and are the perfect stay-at-home (or run to the grocery store) pants! My stylist paired the joggers with a striped hooded top (not included in the box). I happen to have a Striped Hooded Top from a previous Stitch Fix box. I like that these pants are a soft, blue color instead of the usual black or gray you find with joggers.

Stitch Fix Athleisure Spring 2020

While, I love the fit and feel of these blue joggers, I decided to return them. Cute and comfy but I decided to focus on other items in the order.

Item #3 // Gray Knot Front Tee  $34

You can not get much more of a staple piece than a gray  tee. My stylist suggested wearing this top with dark denim or black jeans along with a long cardigan. This tee  is extremely versatile. I am always looking for basic, comfortable and affordable staples.

Casual Spring Style from Stitch Fix 2020

I did find that this top was a little more loose than I’d like for a basic tee and I am not really into the front knot tee style. I find that the front knot style adds extra material and bulk to the middle section, so it is not flattering for me.

I’d have preferred the top without the front knot so I could tuck it in or leave it on depending on how I wanted to wear it.

Casual Spring Style from Stitch Fix 2020

I will be returning this item.

Item #4 //Light Blue Crew Neck Pullover $42

I feel like $42 is a GREAT price point for this soft and beautiful, light weight spring sweater. I am loving all the pastel, light colors! This blue color is something I do not have in my closet.

Stitch Fix Spring Style 2020 April Stitch Fix Spring Style 2020 April

It is a nice light weight material, so I know I could really carry this top into the summer. It would be great for cooler summer nights. My favorite look is this sweater with white jeans. This would be a fun outfit for the summer.

Stitch Fix Spring Style 2020 April

I decided to keep the top because it is type of top that I do not have in my closet. I hope I can wear it soon!

Item #5 //Distressed Hem Black Denim Jacket $68

Can you ever have enough denim jackets? Maybe. But I do not have a black denim jacket. I didn’t know if I’d like a black denim jacket but I could really see getting a lot of wear out of this item.

spring stitch fix outfits april 2020

The raw hem detail is unique and gives the jacket a little edge. But it is not too distressed, so you could wear it for dressier events. I think this jacket is an even better option than a regular denim jacket that typically looks very casual. I have so many sleeveless tops for summer and this jacket would look good over most of them.

The price is a little bit more than i would like to spend on one item. But ultimately, when I look at price per wear on this jacket, I know it would be worth the cost! I like that I could wear this jacket with regular jeans which gives me a lot of options.

spring stitch fix outfits april 2020

I am going to keep this jacket!

How Stitch Fix Works

Are you familiar with how Stitch Fix works?

Stitch Fix offers a clothing subscription service for women, men and children.

  • You decide how often you want to receive a new clothing box.
  • $20 styling fee. The fee is applied to your order if you keep any clothing.
  • Stitch Fix offers  women’s sizes 0-24W & XS-3X,.
  • They also offer subscriptions for children! My daughter has a subscription to Stitch Fix Kids!
  • The average price point is $55 per item but you can decide how much you are willing to pay for each category–pants, tops, accessories, etc.
  • The Stitch Fix women’s line works with over 250 established and up and coming brands. There is clothing for every style type–classic, preppy, edgy, etc! They even offer athleisure clothing and shoes!
  • 25% discount on entire order if you keep 4 or more items.

Stitch Fix Promo Code 2020

Now that I have been subscribed to Stitch Fix for over a year, I can honestly say I am pleased with the service! It is so fun to receive new clothing in the mail that is personally styled for me. I don’t always like everything and I don’t end up keeping all the items. But, Stitch Fix provides inspiration for me to come up with new looks for each season.

If you are looking to update your wardrobe this season, try out Stitch Fix this month!

Sign up now and get $25 dollars off your first order! You have nothing to lose as this credit will more than cover your styling fee.

I hope you will give it a try and you will let me know how it works out!

What would you have kept from this April Stitch Fix box?

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  1. Dara on March 23, 2020 at 8:27 am

    Nice selection of items. I would think the dress would be too short for me too. I like knee length or longer! The other items I would have wanted!

    • Rachel on April 25, 2020 at 9:13 am

      Thanks for the review! I love the sandals you wore with the dress — what brand are they? I had a similar pair that wore out and I’ve had trouble finding that style; yours are exactly what I’ve been looking for!

      • Jaclyn on April 26, 2020 at 8:16 am

        They are from Target–last summer!

  2. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on March 24, 2020 at 6:12 am

    Ok! My favorite outfit is the gray sweater with the white jeans- love that combo and would wear it all the time- you look great in everything Jaclyn!

  3. Tiffany on March 24, 2020 at 6:12 pm

    I loved the dress! Not too short for me but then again I’m 5 feet even so it would probably be to my knees 😉 I love what you decided to keep though.

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