Do you want a quick and simple declutter plan? This two week Declutter Checklist will help you organize your home fast and easy. Focus on the declutter tasks that will make the most impact on your home.

Quick Declutter Checklist Two Week Decluttering Challenge


There are times in the year that we want to tackle our clutter in a short period of time. Often times, as seasons change, we have an urge to declutter our home. Sometimes we realize we have collected a lot of clutter after a holiday. Or  maybe the kids have been home with you and their clutter has started to build up.

Decluttering is not a one and done home project. Whether we want to accept it or not, decluttering our home is an ongoing task to keep the clutter out. Every year, we host a Ultimate Declutter Challenge.This large project is only something I like to do once a year. In all honestly, the eight week challenge often turns into a 9 or ten week project.

That is why it is perfect to have a two week declutter checklist. We can focus on the decluttering tasks that will make the biggest impact in the home. These are the spaces and places where the clutter can collect the most.

Fall is a great time to declutter. As we get closer to the holidays, we start to decorate our homes for the holidays. It is nice to declutter your home before the holidays arrive. We might find ourselves entertaining family and friends and we want to have a clutter free home for our guests.


How can I declutter my house in 14 days? Here are all of the declutter tasks for this two week plan. Remember that we are focusing on declutter projects that will make the most impact in making your home feel less cluttered.


Are you food cabinets ever so unorganized that you do not even realize what you have inside them? There are times I buy duplicate food items because I did not even realize I had the items in my pantry.

My kids can also make a mess of our pantry when they grab for snacks or make their own lunches. So this first declutter task is to clear out your pantry.

  • Start by taking everything out of your pantry or cabinets with food.
  • Throw away expired items and get rid of food you know your family will not consume.
  • Wipe down shelves and cabinets.
  • Put items back into cabinets by grouping similar items together. Consider placing food where it makes the most sense. For example, kids snacks and breakfast foods should be within reach for your family. Keep less used items up higher or lower than eye level.


One of the biggest sources of clutter in the home can be kitchen counters. Typically all of the mail and paperwork comes into the kitchen first before it gets moved somewhere else.

how to declutter kitchen counters

The kitchen counters can also be filled with kitchen applicances, home decor and food. Take care of kitchen clutter by:

  • Sorting all paperwork and mail
  • Clear off anything that does not “live” on the kitchen counter.
  • Consider pairing down the amount of stuff you have on your kitchen counters. Store less used kitchen gadgets in the cabinet and pantry. Also, pare down home decorations on your kitchen counters.


Just like our pantries, the refrigerator can end up being so cluttered we do not realize what we have inside of them. So, now is the time to declutter your fridge by:

  • Taking everything out of the refrigerator and freezer.
  • Throw away expired items or food you know your family will not eat.
  • Wipe down all food items, shelves and drawers.
  • Put back food in a strategic manner that will maximize space and allow you to see everything in the fridge.
  • If you are short on fridge space, utilize clear bins and bowls to organize similar items.


If you are declutteirng during a seasonal change, it is the perfect time to go through your coat closet. Every season, I like to organize our coat closet and remove items we no longer wear.

  • Donate or sell old coats, shoes and accessories.
  • Store out of season clothing in another location.
  • Utilize hooks, bins and baskets to reorganize items going back into the closet.

how to organize a coat closet


Where does a lot of our hidden clutter get stored? The answer is junk drawers! Most likely, you have a few junk or catch all drawers in your home. These drawers might be in your kitchen, office or bathroom.

  • Take everything out of the drawer.
  • Throw away unwanted items.
  • Find permanent locations for the items you are keeping.
  • Wipe down the drawer.
  • Utilize drawer organizers to store items.


Now we are turning our attention to a decluttering project in our bathroom. Take the time to declutter your make up and toiletries.

  • Take everything out of bathroom drawers and closets.
  • Throw away expired or items you do not want. Consider donating duplicate toiletries.
  • Wipe down shelves and drawers.
  • Put back items and group similar things together.
  • Put together a toiletry replacement bin so that you can quickly replace items as needed and avoid purchasing duplicates.


If you do not have kids at home, you can pick a different declutter project for today. But, if you have kids, you know that the toy and game clutter can get out of hand. It is always good to go through kids’ toys every few months. You might decided to have your kids help with this project or you might choose to work on your own. You know what works for your kids the best! I usually sort through items first on my own and then get the kids involved and let them choose some of their favorite items to keep.

  • Clean out spaces in the home that have toys.
  • Donate or sell old toys.
  • Pare down games to your kids’ favorites.
  • Save space with this game organization hack from Keri Snyder.



Whether you are lucky enough to have a dedicated laundry room or you have a small space in the basement, today is the day to declutter this space!

  • Remove items that do not belong in laundry room.
  • Organize laundry supplies together.
  • Donate clothing or sell unwanted items.


Does anyone in your family have a big shoe collection? Take the time to declutter shoes in your home. Start with your own shoes and then help each member of the family to declutter their shoes.

These inexpensive shoe box containers are my favorite way to store out of season shoes.

how to declutter shoes

Do not forget to sort through your kids’ shoes that they use for various sports! You can usually sell sports’ shoes at local kids’ consignment stores or on Facebook Marketplace.


It is always a good idea to declutter your closet every few months or when the seasons change.

For this declutter task, you will want to take out everything from your closet. This blog post on how to declutter  the master closet using the Kon Mari method is helpful.


Now that you have organized your master closet, it is good to declutter jewelry, purses and accessories. Consider what you have not worth in six months or more and really evaluate if you will wear the items again. Donate or sell items that you no longer want. Maybe you will find a friend who would like some of your items. It helps to part with items when you know those items are going to a good home.

In order to utilize the jewelry and accessories you do want, put the items on display.

How to Organize Jewelry #smallbedroom #declutter #accessories #necklaces

I have found that by organizing my necklaces like this, I am much more likely to wear them. You can read about other jewelry and accessory organization ideas here.


There are three more days of the declutter checklist. Today, it is time to tackle the book and magazine clutter in your home.

  • Gather books and magazines from all over the home and sort through in one place.
  • Donate or sell old books.
  • Organize the books you are keeping.

This post 10 Ideas for Decluttering Old Books is helpful.



One of the biggest sources of clutter in a home is home decor accessories. Take a look around your home and see if there are spots you can pare down the home decor accents. Coffee tables and end tables, bookshelves and mantles are all places to assess your home decor.

You also want to consider your seasonal home decor accessories. If you are in between seasons, take a look at your home decor accents for the upcoming season and decide what you no longer need. This process also helps you really determine what decor pieces you want for the upcoming season.  Also, look through your home accessories from the last season and see if there are items you did not display. If you have not put them out on display in over a year, you most likely will not bring them out again.

It can be helpful to get an honest opinion from a friend or family member. They can tell you decide if you could do with less home decor pieces. It always helps to take everything out of a space and then slowly add back in some items. Usually, you will find that you can do with a few less decorative elements.


The final task of this two week declutter challenge is to organize your towels and linens.

  • Take out all of your bath towels, beach towels and bed linens.
  • Only keep the items you need and donate the rest.
  • Fold and organize the items you put back into the closet.



Are you ready to get started on this two week declutter challenge? The great thing about this decluttering checklist is that you can work at your own pace. Start the checklist anytime. If you find yourself busy one day, then double up your decluttering tasks for the next day.

The best way to prevent decluttering burnout is to not rush through the plan!

14 Day Declutter Checklist


If you look through this checklist and decide you have different clutter projects you want to add, feel free to swap out some of these tasks.


It can be an overwhelming project to declutter your home. Often, it can be hard to know where to start on clearing the clutter from home. Should I declutter the messiest space or should I start with an easy project? It can be hard to get motivated when we do not have a decluttering game plan!

For these reasons, it can be very helpful to have a declutter checklist. You do not have to think about what decluttering task to do next. You can decide which project to work on next, but you will want to complete all of the projects on the list.


Do you need the motivation to start decluttering your home? There are a few things you can do to get motivated to declutter.

  1. Sign up HERE to receive tips and inspiration on Decluttering Your Home. Print out the 2 Week Declutter Checklist as soon as you get it in your inbox!
  2. Ask a friend to join in on a declutter challenge. It helps to have an accountability partner to keep you on track. You and your friend can check in with each other on your progress. Be sure to share before and after declutter pictures with each other.
  3. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for additional home organization tips throughout the year. Our big Decluttering Challenge starts every January.


As I mentioned, there are times that you want to spend weeks on decluttering your entire home. Then, there are seasons that a quick decluttering project is all that you need. This simple two week decluttering checklist will greatly reduce the clutter in your home. You will be able to focus on the important things in life and spend less time organizing your stuff!


I have all of these home organization products in my home.

These clear boxes are great for storing shoes. I use them to store out of season shoes.

Use these clear storage containers to corral items in the bathroom and bedroom.


These products are great for kitchen organization.

We use these large clear containers to store baking supplies and snacks.

These pull out containers come in handy for our small refrigerator. I group snacks and condiments in these containers.

Think vertically when you are short on space. Organize paperwork in wall file organizers like this one I have for my office.

If you are serious about decluttering, a label maker is a must.




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