Are you looking for some ways to instill gratitude with your kids? I’ve rounded up over 15 of the best Gratitude Activities to Do with Kids!

Gratitude Activities for Kids

November is here and it is the perfect time to focus on gratitude. Of course we hope to install gratitude in our kids all throughout the year. However, the holiday season brings an extra emphasis on thankfulness and gratitude for all the things we have.  The holiday season is really a chance to reflect as a family on all the things to be thankful for from the past months and years.

While talking about gratitude is one thing. Actually doing something to express and acknowledge gratitude is another stepKids and adults alike often need a little nudge in the gratitude department. It is easy to get caught up in the things we “don’t have” instead of the many things we “do have”. 

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite ideas that can help teach gratitude to children. There are so many unique ideas here! Pick a few of these  activities to incorporate into your family’s Thanksgiving traditions!

Displays of Gratitude

One of the easiest ways to show your gratitude this month is to say it (or display it!).

We always use our kitchen chalkboard to write down our thankful thoughts!

How to start a November thankfulness tradition with your family #givethanks #gratitude #familytraditions #november

If you don’t have a chalkboard, you can do what Miss Sue Living does and make a gratitude poster! This idea is so special because you can make it a keepsake! Save all of your posters and look at them every year!

gratitude activities for families

A gratitude idea that doubles as decor is this Thanksgiving Countdown Chain by Carla Shauer Studio. Grab her free printables to make this display in minutes!

gratitude activities for kids

Another crafty idea for expressing thankfulness is this gratitude pumpkin by Southern State of Mind. You can use your uncarved Halloween pumpkins for this easy display!

I love this gratitude garland by Just a Girl Blog. This is another beautiful way to display words of gratitude!

DIY Gratitude Journals

Last spring, our family started writing in personal gratitude journals. We got $1 journals from the Dollar Store. Everyone keeps their own journal (and their own thoughts) to themselves. Now would be a great time to start Gratitude Journals with your kids!

DIY Gratitude Journals

You could have each person personalize their own journal with markers, stickers, Washi Tape etc!

DIY Journal Supplies:

$1 Journals

Washi Tape 

Fine Tip Markers


Acts of Service

Another way to express gratitude this season is to bless others with acts of service.

A Southern State of Mind makes these Blessings Bags and shares them with others who she notices are in need! This is a great project to do with your kids and it allows for a discussion about those that are less fortunate than ourselves.

One of our favorite service projects this time of year is Operation Christmas Child. Every year, we get the shoe boxes and fill them with toys, toiletries and books. My kids carefully select items that they think other children would love.

acts of service that kids can do

To find a Operation Christmas child shoe box drop off here you, go HERE. If you do not have a location nearby, you can also donate money towards a shoe box. The deadline to drop off these shoe boxes is approaching, so now is the time to get them ready!

Another acts of service idea that you can do right at home, is this Acts of Service Jar by Meegan Makes! We have a chore jar system that will use all year long. So, I like this Holiday themed idea!

how to serve others at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day Gratitude Activities

Thanksgiving Day can feel long for a kid, especially if dinner is later in the day! I try to involve my kids in the Thanksgiving preparations from setting the table, to making placecards and helping with meals. In this post, I shared some Thanksgiving Day activities.

Keri Synder also has a ton of great Thanksgiving activities. I love this M & M game that would be fun for everyone to play on Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving day activities

There are so many ways you can celebrate the season of gratitude with your kids!Are you looking for a little bit more organization this holiday season? Get the Holiday Organization Checklist!

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  1. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on November 7, 2019 at 6:05 am

    Always love your chalkboard and I love all of these ideas Jaclyn- thank you for the inspiration

  2. Dara on November 7, 2019 at 8:03 am

    I just took out paper and a pen for my gratitude jar idea, I hope my kids might add to it!

  3. Amanda on November 7, 2019 at 9:04 am

    These are some great ideas. I’d like to try the gifts of service jar. This sounds like a great way to get my kiddos thinking of others right in our own house 🙂

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