I got warm and cozy with my December Trendsend by Evereve Subscription box. Read about the eight winter outfits I received in my subscription and then get a referral code to try out your own clothing box!


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Winter 2020 December Try On

Well, we are officially at the point of the year that I just want to wear cozy leggings and sweaters. Fortunately, my Trendsend Evereve Winter order included a lot of clothing to keep me warm and cozy.

If you have been following me for a while, you know that every other month I receive a Trendsend Clothing Box. It is my favorite way to add new outfits to my closet. This month, my stylist picked out so many items for me that she delivered the box to my house herself. I do not think this is a normal practice but since I live near the store, she offered to bring it! 

My December Trendend order included many tops, sweaters and pants.

Outfit #1: Graphic Tee and Cozy Cardigan

The first items in my December Trendsend included this Lighting Bolt Graphic Tee and Long Gray Cardigan. 

December 2020 Trendsend Evereve Review

These Black Jeans were also in my December Trendsend box and I wore them in many of the outfits for the try on.

December Trendsend Evereve 2020

The overall look of this cute and cozy outfit is definitely something I would wear all the time. However, there were a few things about the individual pieces that I did not love.

Trendsend Evereve Winter 2020 December

The Lighting Tee had very small holes all over it. While the holes were meant to be, I did not know how this shirt would hold up in the long run. For a graphic tee that was on the expensive side, I did not think this would be a smart purchase.

December Trendsend 2020 Order

I loved the comfy and oversized feel of the gray cardigan. However, the material was more itchy than soft. I am really particular about my sweaters and as my skin gets dryer and dryer in the winter, I do not want to wear any scratchy material.

VERDICT: Returned the cardigan and the graphic tee. I kept the black jeans.

Outfit #2 Soft and Feminine

The next item in my December Trendsend was this soft pink sweater. 

Evereve Trendsend Sweaters Winter 2020

After trying on that itchy gray cardigan, this pink sweater felt SO soft. The issue with this sweater is that it is exactly waist length which is too short for my long torso.

Trendsend Evereve December Unboxing

The sweater hits exactly where it needs to but if I lift my arms or reach for something, my skin is exposed. This sweater is not a good option for me.

VERDICT: Returned the Sweater. Kept the black jeans.

Outfit #3 Festive Night In or Out on the Town

My next item in the December Trendsend order was a show stopper cardigan and a cream basic long sleeve top. I actually requested the Sequin Duster because I had seen it on a few ladies on Instagram.

This Sequin Duster would be the perfect outfit for holiday parties. But, amazingly, it is cozy enough to wear for a fun date night at home. It is sold out online and for good reason. I am sure many women will have fun wearing this outfit for New Year’s Eve!

Sequin Duster Cardigan for New Year's Eve #casualnewyearseveoutfit #NYEoutfit Trendsend December 2020 Winter Unboxing

The lighting in my pictures do not do this Sequin top justice. It is really pretty in person and my family had a lot to say about it when I tried it on for them.

New Years Eve Outfit 2021 #evereve #trendsend

Verdict: I honestly really wanted to keep this item because I could see wearing it next year, when (hopefully) the holiday season is back to normal! But, I liked so many other things in my December Trendsend order that I decided to return it. I am having a little bit of regret about not keeping this fun item!

Winter 2020 December Trendsend Evereve

I did keep the cream basic long sleeve top because I can always use a few layering tops!

Outfit #4 Cozy Holidays at Home

I received my December Trendsend Evereve box right before Thanksgiving. So, I was able to wear my next item for our Thanksgiving dinner at home.

Leopard Print Cardigan

I had been eyeing this Leopard Print Cardigan in the Fall. So, I was happy to get this item in my Trendsend box! It is oversized and very roomy. This cardigan is also out of stock online. 

The material is not quite as soft as I would like but it is also not as scratchy as many sweaters can be. I wore this Leopard Print cardigan with my new black jeans and the cream long sleeved top. But, I could have also worn the sweater with my Faux Leather Leggings.


The second cozy Holiday outfit at home I got was this Gray Turtleneck Sweater. This was a really pretty sweater. But if you remember my last Stitch Fix order, I received a very similar gray top.

Trendsend Evereve December 2020 Review December Trendsend Review Unboxing

VERDICT: I kept the leopard cardigan and I returned the gray sweater.

Outfit #6: Winter Days at Home

The next outfit is probably my favorite of my December Trendsend. I LOVE this long sweatshirt by Varley. It is a dressed up version of a sweatshirt.

Trendsend Evereve Winter Try On December 2020 #winterstyle #leggings #momstyle

It comes in three colors and has gold zippers on each side.

Winter Outfit Ideas from Trendsend Evereve

I liked the lighter option although the black would be nice too.

December Trendsend 2020 #evereve #casualoutfits #spanxleggings #winterstyle


I can wear this sweatshirt with anything including jeans, Spanx and yoga pants. It is extremely versatile and I already wear this top all the time.

VERDICT: I kept the sweatshirt.

Outfit #7: Fun and Flirty

My last outfit was a little bit on the “wild side” with these leopard print pants and a black sweater (that is no longer available online).


This is a fun outfit and I do not think I would pick the pants on my own. They were a little snug and a little too short. But either way, I do not think I would wear them enough to justify this purchase.

Leopard Print Pants Winter 2021 Evereve

Verdict: Returned the pants and the sweater.

December Trendsend Evereve Recap

Overall, my latest winter Trendsend box was a big hit! There were so many items for me to pick from. Whether I was looking for casual or dressy outfit, there was a little bit of everything. What would you have kept from this December Trendsend box?


Trendsend Evereve Details

Whether you shop Evereve using Trensend or Dressing Room to Go, the pricing is the same. Both ways of shopping require a $20 deposit which is then applied to your order if you keep anything.

While, the Trendsend prices can seem a little high. I have talked here about why I am willing to spend a little more on clothing at Evereve. However, for this particular order, I was able to use some shopping rewards I earned which included referral discounts, a rewards certificate and the 2020 Shopping Pass. I earned the 2020 Shopping Pass from spending  a $100 from January -May which allows me to get 10% off anytime I shop at Evereve this year.

There are a lot of ways to earn rewards, so it pays to take advantage of all of the discount opportunities. (If you decide to try Evereve and use my referral code, you will save 20% off your first order). You can then pass on your referral code to your friends and you will earn another 20% off! 

How to Sign Up for Trendsend

You can give Trendsend a try by filling out your profile here. (My referral link) You will receive 20% off your first order when you use my referral code (and I will get 20% one order).

Share your own referral code with your friends!

Winter Evereve Trensdend Outfits

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  1. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on December 22, 2020 at 5:41 am

    I love everything on you but I am obsessed with that sparkly cardigan and love the pink sweater on you! What a great collection

  2. Dara on December 22, 2020 at 8:47 am

    Love all the sweaters and cozy options!

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