I had the opportunity to work with the online design service, Havenly, to redecorate my small home office. Today, I am sharing my modern farmhouse home office ideas and my review of Havenly to makeover my room!

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Havenly is an online design service in which you get to hand pick a home designer to help you decorate a room or rooms in your home. After completing a detailed room profile, your selected designer will create room concepts and help you design the room of your dreams. Your designer hand selects home decor accents, furniture and textiles to complete the room makeover. You have the option to purchase these items or you can look for them elsewhere on your own.

It is a quick and painless design process that is very budget friendly. When you consider the cost of hiring a interior designer to come to your home, Havenly is a much more budget friendly option! This is a great service for those of us that want a little extra help redecorating a room.

The best part of this online design service is that the room concepts are yours to keep. You can decide when to actually execute the makeover process.  There is no pressure from Havenly to purchase any additional products. Although your designer will recommend a lot of great items that you may decide to purchase.



As I mentioned, Havenly is a budget friendly option for those that are looking for home design services.

There are two design packages available. The Mini Package is $99 and the Full Package is $179.

Mini Package 

  • One-on-one time with an interior designer via text, e-mails and even phone.
  • 3 Initial Concepts to help hone your style
  • Final design concept with a shopping list
  • Access to hundreds of brands (Wide range of home goods stores and price ranges)
  • Designers work with you until you love your design

Full Package

  • Everything in the Mini Package
  • Detailed Floor Plan
  • Visual Layout of the Concept


To get started on a new project, you will need to create a Havenly account. Then, you will complete a STYLE QUIZ to help narrow down your personal home decor style. This quiz will help filter out the best designers available to you!  This is a really important part of the project because Havenly matches you with the best fit of designers.


Upon completion of the style quiz, you are matched with a list of designers to choose from. You can see the designers’ past projects to help you get a sense of their own decorating style.

Once you select a designer, you will need to complete a room profile to get the project started. The room profile will include details like size of the room, existing furniture and accessories. Since this project is fulfilled entirely online, the more details you can provide your designer the better.

Then, you will wait for your designer to come up with a few room ideas. You are asked to evaluate each of the ideas and rate the specific items he/she has curated.

Honest Review of Havenly 2021

So, you may like things from each of the concepts. Which was the case for me!

Next, you will wait a few more days for one revised concept, which will take into account everything you liked from each of the ideas. There might be a few back and forth messages with your designer to get the concept exactly how you want it. Your designer wants you to love your concept. So, he/she will keep asking you for detailed feedback.

Lastly, once you are completely happy with the room concept, you will get a final design and a shopping list.

The design is yours to keep and you can access it on your Havenly account at any time!



Now, let me share a little bit about my modern farmhouse office makeover!

The bones of my office are really good. But, I have always struggled with the decorative details in this room. It tends to be a collecting zone for all things crafts, gifts and paperwork!

Havenly Home Office Makeover

The nice thing about Havenly, is that you can tell your designer what things you want to keep in your room. I definitely wanted to use my current desk, desk chair, rug and light fixture.

My main goal of my home office is to have a space that a clean and modern farmhouse look. I want the room to fit in with the rest of our home.

I was interested in seeing what the designer recommended with the open shelves and wall space. Also, I was interested in new lighting and decorative accents.

She had several great ideas including these reclaimed wood shelves and this black metal bookcase. Both of these items I am interested in purchasing down the line. Edited to note: The reclaimed wood shelves are on sale now, so I am going to get these!

Modern farmhouse office makeover with Havenly

For now, I am keeping the large table because it is good for crafting. But, the design concept included some ideas for how to use the space instead of a table.


I was THRILLED with the design plan that Havenly put together! It took several back and forth e-mails with my Havenly designer to fine tune the plan. The process was so easy and painless. I did not have to spend a lot of time on this project because most of the work was done for me!

My designer was able to put together a clean and modern farmhouse office concept!

Review of Havenly design services

So many of the items in the concept are things I already have including the wall calendar, wall organizer, light fixture, rug, desk and chair.

I really appreciate that my designer picked budget friendly options.


I am so excited about the concept my designer put together. It is really helpful to see the ideas all put together and organized for me.

As I am trying to makeover this room on a budget, I am going to purchase items over the next few months. I am most interested in starting with these new curtains and the open wood shelves. Just these small changes will make a big difference in my home office.

It is so nice to have this design concept that I can fulfill whenever I want. I do not feel rushed to make any decisions and I can be on the lookout for deals on the products my designer has picked out for the room.


Are you interested in trying out Havenly? I recommend Havenly if you are looking to refresh a room or you have a room that is a blank slate. It is a reasonably priced design service that is a great value!

You can use my affiliate code: COFFEE25 for 25% off a mini or full Havenly design package.

If you need some home styling help, I really recommend giving Havenly a try. It helps to have a home decor expert help you make those tough decisions!

Now, I am already thinking about other rooms in my house that I might utilize Havenly to help with!

Tell me, what room in your home would you use Havenly for?


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  1. notinjersey on October 18, 2021 at 7:54 am

    This seems like a cool concept!

    • Jaclyn on October 19, 2021 at 11:49 am

      It really is!!

  2. 1h on October 18, 2021 at 4:07 pm

    Very cool concept- thanks for sharing

    • Jaclyn on October 19, 2021 at 11:49 am

      Thanks-it is really a great service if you need some design help!

  3. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on October 18, 2021 at 4:07 pm

    Very cool concept- thanks for sharing!

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