Are you struggling to stay positive these days? Everywhere you turn, there is bad news and sad stories. It is hard to stay upbeat during this crisis. Today, I am talking about 6 Strategies for Staying Positive During a Crisis.

Strategies for Staying Positive During a Crisis #coping #anxiety #positivethinking

Staying Positive During a Crisis

I’ve always been a half glass full kind of girl. But, even the most positive people are having a hard time staying upbeat these days. Things are downright depressing. It is a lot easier to think positive when things are going well in life but when we are hit with a curve ball it can knock us off our feet.

Whatever situation you might be dealing with right now, there are some ways you can try to stay positive during a crisis. Here are some simple positive strategies to follow:

Allow yourself to mourn the loss of plans and normal life

Talk to anyone these days and they can rattle off all their cancelled events and plans due to the pandemic. From weddings to spring break trips and even the day -to-day activities that our kids participate in. Honestly, I find that I get really down when I think about the events my kids are missing out on including sports banquets, tournaments, a fun NYC trip and end of school year parties. But, I find it comforting to know that we are all in the same boat.

It is okay to feel sad about these things and to grieve about all aspects of what is happening right now. This article talks about the types of grief we are experiencing. 

Whatever situation you might be dealing with, it is okay to feel sad about how things are turning out. Owning those feelings helps you process your thoughts. You can move forward and redirect your focus once you accept what is being lost and missed right now.

Focus on the good

I’ve always adhered to the saying, “There is always someone that has it worse than you”. It really helps to focus on the good as much as you can because things can always be worse. There is no doubt about it, things really stink right now. While there are a lot of bad things going on, there is always some good too.

I loved this new video series  by John Krasinkski where he shares Some Good News! Try watching this video and not crying happy tears:) If things are really tough for you, even finding those really small positives in your life can be so helpful.

My friend Keri has a beautiful printable journal called Thriving in the Storm that is so uplifting. She shares how to not just survive but actually thrive during tough times.

Do not look for the bad news

If you are looking for good news, you will find it. If you are looking for bad news you will find it too. Sometimes, we unintentionally search for all the bad news. If you find yourself only reading the bad news, you may need to take a break from looking. Stay off social media which is a lot of bad news! Limit how much time you spend reading news stories and do not read those stories before bed (unless you don’t want to sleep well)!

Savor the little things

Now is the time to appreciate the little things in life that may have gone unnoticed. You may have more family time or maybe you have a quieter pace to your life. Take note of those little gems throughout the day. Perhaps, it is a warm cup of coffee or a few minutes connecting with your friend. Try writing the things you are thankful for in a journal and look back through your journal when you need a mood boost.

Connect with Others

Laughter is truly one of the best natural medicines! Whenever you are feeling down, reach out to a family member or friend. Text funny memes with your friends and spouse. A five minute phone call can do wonders for your mood. Set up a reoccurring meeting with someone so that you can have a weekly or even daily activity to look forward to.

Rest and Recharge

Sometimes, when we are feeling down, our body is telling us we need to rest and reset. Be sure to get enough sleep and drink enough water. Take care of your body.  You do not always need to be GO GO GO. Listen to your body and know when it needs to rest. You can use this time recharge with activities that fuel you. Maybe use your down time to read a light-hearted or motivational book. Or listen to some uplifting music.

Having Hope + Joy in a Tough Season

It is so tough to stay positive during a difficult time. One bad thought can send us down a rabbit hole of darkness. However, the more we can stay positive, the easier we can manage through tough times. Choosing to focus on joy and having hope will get us through the toughest storms. Every day is not perfect and some days you might struggle more than others. Give yourself grace. Pick yourself back up when you fall and try again the next day.

Are you looking for more inspiration and hope? Download our new Hope + Joy Daily Printable. Jot down daily thoughts and notes with these gratitude prompts pages.


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How to use positive thinking during a crisis #coping #anxiety #parenting


  1. Keri on April 1, 2020 at 7:42 am

    So encouraging! I have been looking for ways to make this pause of life a time where we can establish healthy rhythms. These are great tips!

    • Jaclyn on April 1, 2020 at 8:02 am

      I do think some good will come out of this trial.

  2. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on April 1, 2020 at 7:48 am

    Thank you for sharing these tips- needed to read these today XO

    • Jaclyn on April 1, 2020 at 8:02 am

      Thank you Holly. Hope you are doing well.

  3. Dara on April 1, 2020 at 8:40 am

    Thank you for the tips. It is very hard to be positive now!

    • Jaclyn on April 1, 2020 at 8:45 am

      I hear you. I go back and forth between being calm and stressed out.

  4. Tiffany on April 1, 2020 at 9:29 am

    I’m always a glass half full girl and this has really been hard on me too. I love these tips and reminders that we are all in this together. Thinking of you and your family!

  5. Brittany Boyce on April 1, 2020 at 11:41 am

    I️ love this! Such great ideas. There’s always room for positivity in every day, we just have to look for it!

  6. Stefanie Settlemire on April 1, 2020 at 4:05 pm

    Those are great tips! I am definitely struggling with this right now!

  7. Andrea Nine on April 1, 2020 at 9:11 pm

    HOPE is the word for sure. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Great tips.

  8. Holley on April 2, 2020 at 5:39 am

    I love these ideas! Such a good reminder and so good to read at this time!
    -Holley @

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