Are you looking for new fall clothes but do not want to head to the mall to find the latest styles? My Trendsend Evereve August Box had a lot of styles to carry me through the fall season! The best part is that I didn’t have to leave home to try on the clothes!

Trendsend by Evereve Subscription

It is hard to believe summer is winding down and we are starting to think about fall. I have to admit that I love summer clothes the most but fall styles do take a close second. It is nice to be able to add some layers and richer colors into the clothing rotation. Also, I love that in between season when you can wear a cardigan or light jacket and aren’t freezing or too hot!

While I haven’t ventured to the stores yet to check out fall clothing, I was happy to receive my latest Trendsend box. It was full of transitional pieces that can carry into the fall. 

If you have been following me awhile, you know that I love Trendsend. While I have tried other clothing subscription boxes including Stitch Fix and Fashom, Trendsend is still my favorite box!

I like shopping with Trendsend because the clothing is geared towards moms who want to dress stylish yet comfortable and realistic! The clothes are items that can be dressed up for date night but also worn around town with the kids during the day. While some of the items are more on the pricier side, I feel like the price is worth the quality and uniqueness of the items. I always find one or two pieces that I really love and that I end up wearing often.

How Trendsend Works

In case you are not familiar with Trendsend, it is part of the Evereve clothing company. So all the items that you receive are offered at Evereve stores. Evereve carries clothes, shoes and jewelry, so you can receive all of these in your box!

  • You set up how often you want to receive a clothing box including monthly, every other month or as needed.


  • Cancel your subscription at any time.


  • $20 shipping fee that is applied to your order if you keep anything.


  • Keep 4 or more items and receive 10% of your entire order.

Trendsend August Unboxing

Before a stylist works on your order, you receive an e-mail to update your style profile. You can indicate styles you do or do not want, indicate if you have a special occasion coming up or just want to be surprised with your order.

This time around, I asked for clothing pieces that can all be interchanged with one another. Sometimes when you get a clothing box you can end up with a bunch of great items that don’t really coordinate with one another. So you end up having to find other pieces to coordinate with the item.

I really wanted a “capsule” box with pieces that would coordinate with each other.

My Trendsend stylist delivered on my request and I was so excited to receive clothing that all looked great together.

David Lerner Bell Sleeve Top

My August box contained 4 tops and 1 bottom. You can receive up to 7 items in a Trendsend box. Since, I wanted my items to all coordinate, I asked for just 5. I wish I would have gotten 7 items because I love having options to choose from!

Anyway, my first top was a Bell Sleeve long sleeve top. I really don’t like white shirts, especially thin ones that are see through. So, I was very reluctant to try on this top. This top is not available online but I like this grey v-neck option a lot better!!

The  top  was  on  the  shorter  side,  so  I ended  up  tucking  it  inside  in  the  front.


Trendsend Evereve August 2019 #subscriptionbox #fallstyle

It is a fun, casual top that would be cute for a fall tailgate or kid’s sporting event.

But ultimately, it is too short and see through, so I did not love it.


Level 99 Linen Utility Jogger

The cute joggers seen with the long sleeve top was also a part of my August Trendsend Box. I have several pairs of Level 99 bottoms including a pair of shorts (from Stitch Fix), so I know how comfy these pants can be.

Trendsend Evereve Unboxing August 2019 #fallstyle

One issue with Level 99 is that the pants can run large. While they start off as your normal size, they tend to stretch out (which does make them really comfy). The waist on this pair was very big even when I tied up the waist drawstring. Online reviews for these pants are all excellent but everyone agrees that they run large.

I worry that if I size down the pants will be too short.

VERDICT: Exchanged pants for one size down (FREE EXCHANGES), so I will see if I like the fit better. 

Peyton Jensen Tie Dye Cami

Next, I received a black and tan tie dye cami. I didn’t even notice that the pattern was tie dye until I was writing this post. I like that it is a very subtle tie dye pattern.

August Trendsend Box #evereve #fall #tanks #camis

These Peyton Jensen Camis are my favorite and I own several pair. Every season, Evereve comes out with a few new camis and I usually get at least one. The camis are nice because they look dressy on their own but they are also versatile enough to be on the casual side too. You can really achieve any look you want with these tops!

August Trendsend Evereve Box #style #fall #topsI paired the top with my FAVORITE shorts purchase of the summer. These Athleta tie front shorts are so versatile. I wear them during the day paired with a casual tank and then in the evening, I can dress up with a cami or dressier top.

It looks like the Athleta shorts are sold out online but there is a pants version now available. I just might have to get a pair for the fall.

VERDICT: KEEP. I will wear this top a lot this fall!

Peyton Jensen Black Cardigan

The next item in the box was this super soft black cardigan. It met my cardigan requirements of cozy, soft and long.

Evereve Fall 2019 Styles #trendsend #cardigans #pants

As a bonus, the cardigan has pockets! I just might wear this cardigan every day this fall. While, I think it is meant to be on the larger size, this cardigan still was pretty big. I’m hoping one size down would be the perfect fit.

Fall Evereve Styles #trendsend #cardigan #pants #stitchfix


Peyton Jensen Black Mix Tee

Last but not least, I received this black v-neck tee. I love a good basic tee and I am willing to spend a little more money on a staple.

Trendsend Box August 2019 #evereve #fall #pants #tops

This tee has some unique detailing on the sides that almost makes the top look like it is inside out (my daughter thought it was inside out when I tried it on).

I didn’t love the small side slits on the sides because it looked sloppy when I tucked it inside the front.


How to Order Trendsend

When you order your first box, be sure to complete the comprehensive questionnaire to provide the stylists with as much info on your preferences as possible!

You can give Trendsend a try by filling out your profile here. (My referral link) You will receive 20% off your first order when you use my referral (and I will get 20% one order).

Share your own referral code with your friends!

Overall, I was so happy with my August Trendsend Box. I plan to request a capsule box again for my next order. It is nice to be able to have pieces that mix and match with each other. What do you think…would you give Trendsend a try?

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  1. Dara on August 6, 2019 at 8:07 am

    I’m looking for some olive pants and I like the ones you got. The cardigan looks a lot like the Barefoot Dreams one I just got!

  2. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on August 7, 2019 at 5:34 am

    I LOVE those olive pants on you- so weird to be looking at fall fashion but your post got me kind of excited 🙂

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