Today I am sharing our tween boy bedroom design plan. 

The day has finally come that we are ready to give our two boys their own bedrooms. They have shared bedrooms for the last 9 1/2 years so it has been a nice long run. We have mixed feelings about splitting the boys up.

They really do have a lot of fun at bedtime. Maybe too much fun because we can usually find them talking way too late! Our oldest son could really use his own space as he is often doing homework past our youngest son’s bedtime. Plus, the morning rush before school can be a little nutty for these two. Lately, more often than not we have found them distracting each other from getting ready on time!

So we have decided to make this summer the time for the big transition. We have always had a guest room, which happens to be right next to the boys’ shared room. So my tween son’s new room will still be used as a guest room from time to time. My tween is so excited to have his own room! Perhaps, he is a little more excited than his older brother is about no longer sharing a room!


Update: You can check out our finished tween boy bedroom makeover!

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tween boy bedroom ideas

Tween Bedroom Decor Inspiration

My first plan to look for any home decor inspiration is Pinterest. So, I started by creating a tween boy bedroom decor board. I added pins to the board and then I analyzed what I liked about each of the pins. When I do this process, I always notice themes and trends that tie all of the pins together.

tween boy bedroom design inspiration

From there, I start to form a plan. I focus on the pins I like the most and then pick out what specific things I like about the room decor.

These are a few of my favorite pins that inspired our tween boy bedroom design plan.

I love this room so much. You can see all of the details on over at Sunny Circle Studio. The gallery wall is so cool as it mixes and matches different prints and styles. I plan to do something similar in my son’s room.

tween boy bedroom decor ideas

This tween boy bedroom from Darleen Meier is a lot of fun too! I love the pops of yellow and the accent wallpapered wall.


bold tween boy bedroom decor

I love the mix of colors in this boy bedroom from Nesting with Grace. Even before I saw this photo I planned to incorporate some of my son’s artwork. I like how they did that in this room. We also plan to add a similar bookshelf.


tween boy bedroom decor inspiration

There are so many fun ideas for a tween boy bedroom that it is hard to narrow down the options!

Tween Boy Bedroom Design Plan

After I put together a design plan for tween son, I shared them with him! He loved every detail about this plan. This sure makes things easy! There are a lot of things we already have for the room. So now we need to decide what want to buy now and what we need to save for in the future.


Tween Boy Bedroom Decor Ideas

The first new thing I bought for the room is this gray and white striped bedding.  We have tried duvet covers but for kids beds I do not find them practical. We can barely keep our primary bedroom duvet cover looking tidy. So, I am happy we found a comforter instead of a duvet.

I don’t want to have a very specific color theme and I would rather pull in several colors that complement each other. We have several items already including a dresser, desk and bed. Plus, I already bought the National Parks Wall sign (it was less than $15!).

The room he is moving into has been several different things included our kids’ craft room! We actually already have the red school house light fixture as it has been there since it was a craft room!

Love Vs Design Wallpaper

Before we start to decorate, we are going to paint and wallpaper. I plan to use a dark gray color for one of the walls. I am thinking of Benjamin Moore Gray 2121 but I will see how the color swatch looks in the room before making a final decision.

I’m excited to partner with Love vs Design on wallpaper for an accent wall. You can go down a rabbit hole looking at all of the peel and stick wallpaper options at Love & Design. Each wallpaper design can be customized to a ton of different color options. So if you like a particular design, then you can decide on what colors you want the wallpaper to be.

Wallpaper samples are just $6 so you can try out a few different ideas before you buy for your project. I am leaning towards one of these three designs:  this design or this design or this design. I am going to order each design in a few different colors to see what we like best.

Once I get started on a project, I want to get things moving quickly because I get so excited about the end result. I have some work ahead to get this room done. But now that we have made the decision to give our boys their own rooms, I am ready to get started!

Tween Boy Bedroom Decor

My goal for this tween bedroom is a fun, livable and kid friendly place that my son can feel cozy and comfortable. I always try to blend in functionality with design. So this room needs to include decor pieces to display and organize all the things my son loves.

Gray and White Striped Comforter Set

Yellow Quilt We have these quilts in the boys’ shared bedroom right now (in gray) and they are the perfect weight and wash up very well.

Yellow Metal Storage Bins (we have these in other colors and love them!)

Black Metal Bookcase

Yellow and White Striped Suitcase Boxes

Red School House Light This light was already in the room so it will fit the theme perfectly.

Gray Sherpa Bean Bag Chair

Chambray Cross Canvas Sign

Metal First Aid Kit (we have this in red already). Love these metal tins!

National Parks Wall Hanging

Black Wire Cloth Clothes Bin (we will use to hold stuffed animals and blankets)

Wood Floating Shelves

Red Marquee Arrow Sign (we already have one of these signs)

Black Metal Platform Bed

Roller Coaster Blueprints Sign (My son is a HUGE roller coaster enthusiast so he picked out this print! I gave him a few options to pick from)

Mid Century Dresser (LOVE this dresser but we might use a dresser we have on hand)


Next Steps

This past spring, we redecorated my teenage daughter’s bedroom. I shared the plans for her room, but we have not gotten around to sharing the final makeover! There are still a few finishing details for her room. Plus, we are in the midst of a major closet clean out in her room.

So while, I am working on my tween’s new bedroom, I will be sure to finish up my daughter’s room as well. Hopefully very soon, both of these rooms will be completed! My son is so excited about his new room. I am a little sad that the brothers are no longer sharing a room. But I have a feeling, even with their own rooms, they will still be spending a lot of time together in one of the bedrooms!



  1. notinjersey on June 7, 2022 at 8:37 am

    I bet my boys would like these ideas too!

  2. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on June 7, 2022 at 1:05 pm

    I love the navy with the rattan light in the that room- that is so sharp and preppy! (Also, side note, LOVE your new pic- you look gorgeous!)

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