It is week four of the Clear the Clutter Challenge. We are almost halfway through this eight week decluttering challenge! This week’s declutter project is bathrooms! Check out today’s simple bathroom organization tips and ideas!

Clear the Clutter Challenge Week 4: Bathrooms

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Simple Bathroom Organization Tips

Depending on whether you have one bathroom or three, you might have some different decluttering challenges to work through. However, regardless of the amount of space you have in your bathroom(s) it is still pretty easy for the room to get cluttered!

Maybe you like to hang on to extra sets of toiletries or maybe trying to make small bathroom work for a lot of people. Today, we will talk about some simple bathroom organization tips for every type of bathroom!

Before you get started on an organization plan, it is important to declutter your bathroom first. Review the bathroom organization checklist in this post to get started. Once you have decluttered your stuff, now it is time to get your bathroom organized!

1. Only Keep The Essentials in the Bathroom

You want to think of your bathroom storage as prime real estate. Many bathrooms lack storage space and if you have a lot of people sharing one bathroom, you are left with little room for each person’s stuff. It is necessary to only keep the essentials in the bathroom. If you like to stock pile toiletries and medicines, you will need to find another home for these items (unless storage is truly not an issue).

Hopefully, when you decluttered your bathroom, you decided to let go of a lot of excess toiletries. There are so many places to donate unwanted shampoos, soaps and body care, so be sure to check around in your community.

I like to keep one large bin in our hallway closet with our extra toiletries. When we run out of something for the bathroom, I look in this container first to see if we have a replacement. This might also help you from overbuying duplicates. Try to keep one bin only for extras and if the bin is full, you do not need to buy more things.

2. Utilize Vertical Space 

If you are short on cabinet storage, consider adding shelves and hooks for additional storage. It looks nice to display toiletries and accessories on bathroom shelves. Again, you do not want to overdo it and fill the shelves with too much stuff.

Another thing to consider is to use hooks instead of long towel bars to hang towels. It is a much more functional option for families especially those with young kids. I can tell you that it is a lot easier for kids to put a towel back on a hook instead of folding over onto a towel bar.

3. Limit Stuff on Counter Tops

As I mentioned in my family room post a few weeks ago, one sure way to have a cluttered room is to have a lot of stuff on the surfaces. A bathroom counter can look really cluttered if there is a lot of stuff on it. Plus, it is hard to keep a bathroom counter top cleaned if you have a lot of things on top of it!

If you must keep items on the counter, utilize trays and baskets to corral items together.

4. Assign a Designated Spot for Each Item

Make sure everything in your bathroom has a permanent home. This makes it easier to clean up your bathroom and helps your family understand where everything belongs. You might have one drawer for toothbrushes, one drawer for hair brushes, etc.

If an item doesn’t have a home, it can easily end up misplaced. Then, you end up buying a new replacement and the cycle of clutter continues.

5. Divide Drawer Space with Trays and Organizers

Utilize every inch of bathroom drawer space with divided organizers.

These clear organizers are perfect for small drawer organization. These type of  containers that come separate (versus one container that is divided up) are easy to use because you can configure to your liking.

6. Assign Towels to Each Person

One final bathroom organization tip is to designate a towel or two to each family member. You can even take it a step further and give each family member a certain color of towel! This organization hack helps on so many levels. When everyone has the same towel color, it is easy for them to get mixed up. Which then leads to grabbing new towels, even if there are already clean ones available.

Towels end up on the bathroom floor and with a color coded system, you know who the culprit might be:) This is just one of those extra bathroom organization tips that can really make a big impact!

Time to Get Started

Are you ready to organize your bathroom? Hopefully this project is not too challenging. But, if it does seem overwhelming, work on a little bit each day. Be sure to hop over to Instagram this week as Keri and I will be sharing behind the scene bathroom organization tips!

Also, you can download the Ultimate Decluttering Guide for more tips and guidance on a Clutter Free home!

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  1. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on January 25, 2021 at 7:54 am

    On my list- need to pick some bins and just go to town!

  2. Dara on January 25, 2021 at 8:38 am

    Our counters definitely get to be cluttered!

  3. Keri Snyder on January 25, 2021 at 9:51 am

    Bins help SO much!!!

  4. Andrea Nine on January 25, 2021 at 10:56 am

    I absolutely adore this idea!! Great job for getting all things organized in a more doable fashion!!

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