Are you looking for how to decorate your front porch for Halloween? Today, I am sharing cute and cozy Halloween Porch Decor ideas!

Cute and Cozy Halloween Porch Decor #halloweendecorations #wreath #bats #pumpkins

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Halloween Front Porch Decor

Do you love decorating for Halloween? I will admit that I normally prefer Fall decorations to Halloween decor. However, there are usually a few spots around the home that we devote to Halloween decorations.

This year, I decided to go with Halloween Front Porch decor. I am so happy with how the front porch turned out, I just might not go back to a fall front porch theme next year.

I am going to take you on a little tour of our Halloween Front Porch. The emphasis is on little because we have a very small front porch area. However, I do not mind having a smaller front porch as it is easier to decorate!


Halloween Front Porch Decor

Our Halloween Front Porch decor was very inexpensive and I was able to use many items we already had on hand. Some Halloween decorations i found at Dollar Tree and other things on Amazon. You can see the complete Halloween Porch Decor resource list at the end of the post!

Halloween Decorations for the Front Porch

Cute and Cozy Halloween Porch Decor

There are two different routes to take when it comes to Halloween decorations. You can go for the true Halloween SCARY theme, or you can take the cute and not so spooky route. I think you can guess which Halloween decor path we took!

Halloween Front Porch Decor Not So Spooky Ideas

For me, it is a lot easier and more natural to for cute Halloween decorations. My kids still appreciate not so spooky decorations. Maybe in a few years they will think differently.

Halloween Porch Tour

Let’s get started on this Halloween front porch decor tour! The inspiration for the Halloween front porch started with this Come in For a Spell Sign from Dollar Tree. I honestly could not believe the sign was from the Dollar Store!

I hooked the sign with a command strip and then hung the wreath right over the hook. The wreath adds a lot of fall color and really ties in well with the Halloween Sign.

Halloween Front Porch Decor

The next thing I got for our Halloween Front Porch was pumpkins! I love these  Fantasy Pumpkins from Trader Joe’s. In the last few years, it has been a lot easier to find these unique pumpkins around. However, you will notice that the prices on these pumpkins can widely vary.

Halloween Front Door Decorating Ideas

While Trader Joe’s sells these pumpkins for $7, I have seen them sold for almost double that cost at Home Improvement stores. So be sure to shop around to find the best pumpkin prices!

To add more color and warmth to a front porch, you need some flowers or plants! I picked up the kale plant and purple mums at my local grocery store. The orange pots were a lucky find

Outdoor Decor Ideas

Halloween Dollar Store Finds

Honestly, Dollar Tree has really upped their holiday decorations in the last few years. I always stop at the dollar store before I head anywhere else for seasonal decor ideas.

You definitely have to shop early to get the good holiday decor at Dollar Tree. Just this past weekend I stopped at my local store and the Halloween aisle had already been replaced by Christmas decorations! In fact, I even saw some New Year’s Eve supplies. Eeeks!

Anyway, thankfully, I shopped early for Holiday decor. I found Spider Web netting and these cute glitter mini spiders! I knew I would find a spot to put the glitter spiders and the cornstalks were a perfect match!


Halloween Front Porch Decorating

We even added some spider web netting to our front porch light. I guess that is as spooky as I will get:)


Halloween Front Porch Decorations

Flying Bats Decorations

I’ve talked about these flying wall bats for the last few years. I’ve used them in different spots of the house including our coffee station. These flying bats are cut out of paper. However, I am wondering how well they will hold up in fall weather. So I might swap them out for these already made set of wall bats.  The wall bat set comes with 82 pieces which is well worth the time it would take to cut out that many bats!!

Halloween front porch decorations #cute #cozy #farmhouse

I do love putting these bats around the house. They really make any spot ready for Halloween!

Cute Halloween Front Porch Decor Ideas #farmhouse #cozy #decorations

Halloween Door Mat and Pillow

Besides the Dollar Tree Halloween sign, my other two favorite Halloween decor finds were the Spider Web Doormat and the October 31st Pillow Cover!

I’ve been eyeing the Halloween Pillow cover for awhile now. It comes in a set of 4 Halloween pillow covers including 3 covers that spell out Trick -or Treat! I will use those pillow covers for my boys’ bunk bed!

Halloween Pillow #spider #decor #farmhouse

The Spider Web door mat was another fun Halloween decor find! I love the layered doormat look and this Halloween welcome mat looks great on top of my black and white diamond rug.

Halloween Farmhouse Decor


I already had a the light orange blanket and this outdoor black chair. This black chair was the best purchase last year for our front porch! It is the perfect size chair for a small front porch. Not only is it a functional chair for the porch, it also looks cute decorated for every season.

It is nice to be able to incorporate what you already have at home into your seasonal decor!

Final Touches

It is all the little details that can pull together a small front porch.

Lanterns are great addition for any season. Fortunately, I had this black lantern and I put a battery operated candle inside it.

Since the color scheme for the porch was purple, orange and black, I tried to find decor I already had that fit the scheme. My son’s school sold these flying bat planters several years ago. So I just added in a new mum to the pot.

Fall Front Porch Decor #farmhouse #halloween #outdoordecor

I gathered up the orange Jack-O-Lantern from our Halloween decorations.

It was really fun to put together this Halloween Porch! My kids were pleased with how it all turned out. Now the countdown until Halloween officially begins!

Halloween Front Porch Decorations



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Small Front Porch Halloween Decorations #wreath #dollartree #farmhouse


  1. Tiffany on September 23, 2020 at 7:02 am

    It came out so great, Jaclyn!! Your purple mums are gorgeous. Wish I had found some from my front door space. And the corn stalk was the perfect touch. You did so good!!

  2. Andrea Nine on September 23, 2020 at 11:18 am

    I love me some porch decor! I’m currently working on mine. I haven’t done a Halloween theme in a long time, I usually just do fall but I will tell you, I have 43 pumpkins out there already and I try and do a different color scheme each year. I love what you did.

  3. Brittany Boyce on September 24, 2020 at 2:09 pm

    I️ love your Halloween porch decor! Those mums are gorgeous!

  4. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on September 24, 2020 at 3:32 pm

    The spooky bats on the house are my favorite. Jaclyn it came out spooky and beautiful all in one!

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