It is hard to believe we are starting to think about Halloween! Are you looking for some fun ways to celebrate Halloween at home? We’ve got 6 Creative Things to Do at Home for Halloween with your family. Be sure to grab the 30 Days of Halloween Fun at Home Calendar!

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It might seem early to already be thinking about Halloween. However, October 31st will be here before we know it. Admittedly, we have already been to the local Halloween costume store a few times. My youngest son has already picked out his costume.

Halloween seems to have turned into a month long celebration. I do not mind intentionally celebrating a holiday all month long.  So, I am getting ready for Halloween by coming up with a few family Halloween activities we can do together.

In years past, we have celebrated had a Halloween themed night with the kids. Sometimes, the fun activities leading up to the actual holiday are just as much fun as the holiday itself. Your kids will love a fun Halloween celebration at home.

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You might be wondering, what can I do for Halloween this year? Today, I am helping you get ready for Halloween by sharing 6 Things to Do at Home for Halloween this year. These are fun Halloween activities you can do at home instead of or in addition to trick or treating!

 1. Throw a Family Halloween Party

One of our favorite things to do before Halloween is to have a family Halloween party! One year we had a lunchtime Boo Bash and the kids still talk about that Halloween celebration. We decorated cookies, listened to Halloween music and we ate all the snacks! Halloween Party Ideas

You can make things as simple or as elaborate as you want! I try to stock up on Halloween themed party goods as early in the season as I see them. The Dollar Store and Target tend to run out of the Halloween party favors well before Halloween, so go early to buy!

Halloween family party ideas #food #fun #activities

Let the kids put on their costumes and be sure to take a lot of pictures!

2. Watch Family Friendly Halloween Movies

One of the best activities to do before Halloween is to watch scary (or spook friendly) movies! Check out this list of 35 Family Friendly Halloween Movies from Red Tri. Do not forget to put together a tray of yummy snacks!

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If you plan on a Halloween movie night, you will want to have all the Halloween themed movie snacks! Last year, I found several fun Halloween snacks for the kids and this snack tray was a HUGE hit! We had Ghost Chips (from Trader Joe’s), candy worms, Halloween Iced Cookies and fall colored M and Ms.

3. Decorate the House

Another fun thing to do at home for Halloween is to decorate the house! I prefer fall decorations to Halloween decor. So. instead of decorating the entire house for Halloween, I usually pick one spot in the house that is dedicated to the Holiday.

Last year, we decorated our coffee bar. I love making these cut out bats for a easy and free Halloween decoration!

Halloween Coffee Bar #bats #decor #halloweenideas

This year, we’ve decided to decorate our front porch for Halloween. You could decorate the kids’ bedrooms or playroom. Have fun decorating for Halloween and make it a family Halloween activity!

4. Have a Family Halloween Costume Party

Whether or not you plan to trick-or-treat, it is still fun to get the costumes on a few times in October. You might as well get your money’s worth for the costumes right? It could even be a planned family night. Ask everyone get in their Halloween costume and take a lot of pictures.

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You might even want to use this opportunity to look at old family Halloween photos. I like to display the kids’ Halloween photos every year.

5. Make a Halloween Themed Snack or Dessert

Another fun thing to do for Halloween at home is to make a holiday inspired treat!

Spend a few minutes on Pinterest and you will find an overwhelming amount of Halloween desserts and snacks! Your kids will love to make a Halloween treat as a family. These Spider Web Cookie Cakes from Lake Life State of Mind are adorable and yummy!

What to do for Halloween at Home #treats #kids #recipes

Every single Halloween we make these Halloween Mummy Hot Dogs for Dinner!

mummy hot dog Recipe for Halloween

Mummy Hot Dog Recipe

1 Package of Refrigerated Crescent Rolls

1 Package of Hot Dogs


Unwrap the Crescent rolls into a large rectangle and press the seams fully together.

Use a pizza cutter to cut the rectangle into thin long pieces.

Wrap each hot dog with 2-3 crescent pieces

Bake hot dogs according to cook times on the crescent roll package.

Press the seams firmly together.

You could add ketchup or mustard eyes once baked!

6. Carve or Paint Pumpkins

Of course, Halloween is not complete until you decorate pumpkins! Depending on the ages of your kids, you could either paint or carve pumpkins together as a family. We have used this exact Pumpkin Carving Kit for years.

6 Family Fall Traditions #kids #pumpkins #activities

Now our kids are old enough to carve pumpkins (almost) completely on their own. So it is fun to see what kind of pumpkin designs they create!

Groot Pumpkin design #family #kids #pumpkincarving

Be sure to crank up some Halloween tunes and make a fun night of pumpkin carving!


It is fun to celebrate Halloween as a family! As the kids get older, they prefer to trick or treat with their friends. So, I like carve out some time in October to do Halloween things at home with the kids.

I’ve got a fun way to celebrate Halloween all month long with your kids! Print this 30 Days of Halloween Fun Calendar so that you are sure to do all the fun Halloween things with your family!

Halloween activities calendar


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  1. Tiffany on September 9, 2020 at 2:45 pm

    I love seeing old pictures of your kiddos! It’s amazing how much they’ve grown throughout the years. Halloween in your house seems so much fun and super special. PS: I can’t wait to see your Halloween front porch ???

  2. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on September 10, 2020 at 5:40 am

    Yes! I love all of these ideas- thanks for sharing! Halloween and Fall are so Home-Friendly aren’t they? So many fun things we can still do- they can’t take the holiday away from us! 🙂

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