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Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams

Jaclyn Musselman

Are you a busy mom trying to balance all the things? Maybe you strive for a clean home, well fed kids, a perfect marriage, a dream job all the while balancing a job and running a home!

Guess what? No one can do it all. I do not have all the answers. But, I strive for balance and routines in my home. I am here to provide you with simple solutions to improve your day-to-day routines. You will find resources on home organization, family routines, everyday celebrations and some DIY home projects!

There are many resources here for you including home organization challenges, monthly newsletters, printables and Professional Organization Services.

Home Organization

Virtual and in home organization sessions

Are you looking for order and simplicity in your home? Decluttering and organizing brings peace and calm to your family. Learn how I can help here.

Spring Cleaning Guide

Are you ready to tackle the dreaded chores of spring cleaning?

We make it easy and less complicated with the complete spring Cleaning Guide. This includes Room by Room Checklists, tips and tricks, motivation to get started and chores broked down into manageable mini tasks.


An organized home can lead to an organized life. As moms, we can feel overwhelmed with the responsibility to take care of our homes. Get some practical and realistic tips for keeping your home and family life organized.


Motherhood is an exhausting and rewarding job all in the same moments. We can take care of our family while having fun and meaning at the same time. Get creative and simple ideas for mom life and family time.


Home is where your heart is. We spend the majority of our lives in our homes. By creating a space that is warm and inviting, we are creating a safe haven for our family and friends. Get ideas on home and holiday decorating.

This blog started as a way to share simple and meaningful ideas for moms. This mom runs on coffee, workout clothes and Saturday morning pancakes.

While I share a lot of ideas, I hope you find one or two things that can be applied to your life. No mom can do it all. So while the house may be cleaned one week, it might be meaning the family is getting simple meals for dinner for several nights in a row. It is all about balance. At the end of the day, we want our family to remember positive and meaningful moments. I strive to create a home that is cozy and welcoming for my family and friends. I focus on the positive while acknowledging that life is not perfect! So, join me on the motherhood journey of Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams!