Winter is a time to be cozy with friends and family. While it might be a little colder outside, there is still plenty of fun winter activities for teens. We’ve rounded up over 45 Fun Things for Teens to do in the Winter. There is sure to be something on this teenage winter bucket list for everyone!

Teenage Winter Bucket List 2021 45 Winter Activities for Teens

What do teens do in the winter?

While summer usually gets the award for favorite season, winter should not be forgotten. There are fun holidays in winter time and usually many days off from school! Plus, let’s not forget snow days! There are a lot of fun things for teens to do in the winter. Inevitably, there will be times in the winter that you are bored. So you may ask, what can do I when I’m bored in the winter??

My teen daughter and I put together this Teenage Winter Bucket List.

Some teens like to be outside and enjoying all of the outdoor winter activities. Some teens prefer cozy nights inside watching movies and playing board games. This ultimate winter bucket list for teens has activities that will appeal to everyone! There are ideas for things to do with teenage friends in the winter. Some fun activities for teens to do on snow days! Plus, you might pick a few of these activities to do with your parents or siblings!

Winter Bucket List for Teens

There is no reason to be bored this winter! We have the ultimate list of things teens can do this winter! Be sure to print out our teenage winter bucket list at the end of this post!

1. Go Sledding

One of the best group activities to do in the winter with friends is to go sledding! So grab a big sled or intertube and find the perfect hill to sled.  After sledding, warm up with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. This is a great snow day activity for teens!

2. Ice Skating

Another cold weather activity that can be fun for teens is ice skating! There are usually indoor and outdoor rinks in most cities. Find out ahead of time if you need to bring your own skates or you can rent ones. You do not need to be a pro on the ice and it is a lot of fun and usually good laughs if you are not a very experienced ice skater!

3. Try Downhill or Cross Country Skiing

If you have never been skiing before, this might be the year to take a ski lesson! You just need a few ski lessons to feel comfortable with some bunny hills. Cross Country skiing might be a little less intimidating and it could be a good way to start skiing!

4. Build a Snowman

If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, maybe building a snowman is more your speed. Ask a younger sibling or a friend to help you build a snowman or snowwoman!

5. Make a Hot Chocolate Recipe

Perhaps, indoor winter activities are ones you prefer. One of the best winter recipes to make is hot chocolate. Sure you can use a premade hot cocoa packet, but homemade hot chocolate is so much better! Make a big batch of homemade hot chocolate and share it with your friends!

6. Host a Cookie Exchange

Another delicious winter treat is homemade holiday cookies! This year, host a Cookie Exchange party with your friends. Each friend brings a dozen or two homemade cookies. Then, everyone takes home a few cookies from each batch! It is a great way to try new cookies and to have a variety of cookies to eat!

7. Have a Movie Marathon

One of the most relaxing activities to do in the winter is to watch movies! Ask a few friends to come over and watch a movie series. The hardest part might be to pick the movies. So it is good idea to have a few movies in mind and then your friends can cast their votes on which ones to watch.

8. Do a Puzzle

If you are looking for another at home activity to do this winter, consider putting together a puzzle. There is a puzzle for every type of interest and theme! So find a puzzle that you think is fun to look at and that would be a good challenge!

9. Go Bowling

For something fun to do that is indoors but gets you moving, bowling is a fun option! This is another winter activity for teens that you can do with friends or family!

10. Go Jumping at a Trampoline Park

Get out some of that pent up energy by getting your heart pumping at a trampoline park! These indoor parks are good for teens of all ages. Some places have special jumping hours just for teens!

11. Visit an Arcade

Another fun thing to do in the winter with friends is to visit an arcade. Many arcades have other activities besides gaming including laser tag, bowling and bumper cars. It is a fun way to spend a winter afternoon with friends.

12. Go to an Indoor Water Park

One summer activity that can still be done in the winter time is swimming! Just find an indoor water park or pool to spend the day swimming!

13. Visit a Museum

If you live in a place that is near museums, now is a good time to visit one of them. Even small towns have museums or historic landmarks! Spend the day visiting a local attraction.

14. Make Mini Snow Globes

Get crafty at home by making your own mini snowglobes. This post has an easy DIY snowglobe project!

15. Get Books from the Library

Stock up on some new good books by taking a trip to the library.

16. Take a Winter Hike

There is nothing like fresh air to brighten your mood. Bundle up and take a walk outdoors in the woods!

17. Declutter Your Room

Clearing the clutter from your room is a great way to reduce anxiety and feel less stressed. Grab a few garbage bags (one for a donate pile and one for a throw away pile) and clean up your room!

18. Redecorate Your Room

Once your room is decluttered, you might want to freshen up your space. Write down some room projects you want to do and talk with your parents about what is doable. A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference and it is not too expensive.

19. Make a Vision Board

Dream big and set some goals for your future. Create your own vision board using some magazine clippings and stickers. Not sure how to make a vision board? Here is a step-by-step Vision Board process to follow.

20. Do a Workout Video

Get moving and try out a new workout video. YouTube has thousands of free workout videos you can try.

21. Make a Healthy Smoothie

After you work out, recharge with a fresh smoothie! There are so many good smoothie recipes to pick from. (Here are 10 Delicious Smoothie Recipes!)

22. Try a New Dinner Recipe

Wow your family with a new dinner recipe! Your parents will thank you for giving them the night off from cooking. The best part is that YOU get to pick the dinner menu. So, you know you will love what you make!

23. Do a Few Random Acts of Kindness

The winter time can get lonely for everyone. So, why not spread a little kindness to others. Use this list of 30 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas.

24. Give Yourself a Manicure

Take time to pamper yourself and do an at-home manicure or pedicure. This manicure system from Olive & June has everything you need to do a professional looking manicure at home! Use code JACLYN20 for 20% off your order.

25. Have an Epic Video Game Tournament

Do you and your friends like to play video games? Set up a video game tournament with your friends or siblings! You can even award prizes for the tournament.

26. Make a Winter Music Playlist

Make a playlist of your favorite music that fits the winter vibe! Share your winter playlist with your friends!

27. Research Possible Career Choices

It is never too early to start thinking about your future career! Write down some of your top career choices. Then, spend an afternoon doing some research on what the career choice looks like including salary, required training and education and work life. If you know someone in the career field, see if you can set up a meeting to talk to them about their job.

28. Plan a Dream Vacation

Think of warmer times by planning a dream vacation. Maybe if you are lucky enough, you can convince your parents to take you there. If not, you can save all the information you put together for a time when you can take yourself on that dream vacation!

29. Make a Photo Album

Do you have a lot of photos on your phone? Take some time to print out those photos and put together a photo album. Or you can create a photo book online on sites like Snapfish and Shutterfly and the book will be sent to you.

30. Set a Fitness Goal

Do you want to get in shape for a spring or summer sport? Or maybe you want to improve your overall fitness health. Set a personal goal like a push up or plank challenge. Then keep track of your improvements over the winter.

31. Have a No-Technology Day

Do you want to know what life was like for your parents who did not have as much technology as teens? Pick a day to have a no-technology day and see what creative things you can come up with to do with your time!

32. Start a Journal

You might not feel like you anything noteworthy to write about in your life. But some day, you will want to look back and remember what your life was like as a teenager. There is never a bad time to start a personal journal. You might even want to start a Gratitude Journal to focus on the positive things in your life! Some day, you will really appreciate these journals that you wrote in!

33. Earn Money from a Job or Doing Chores

If you have some free time, now is a great time to earn some money. Then, when summer rolls around, you will have a little extra spending money. Not sure how to earn money? You can start by asking family and neighbors if they need some yardwork or housework done for some cash! Or you can get Lifeguard or Babysitter Certified! These are both great options that will give you a lot of choices in part-time work!

34. Make Paper Snowflakes

Did you ever make paper snowflakes when you were little! Now, as a teen, you are able to make really intricate snow flake designs! You can even decorate your room or windows in your house with your pretty snow flake crafts!

35. Have a Backyard Fire

You might need a little help setting up this fun winter bucket list activity. But a cozy fire in the backyard is worth the efforts. You can even make s’mores!

36. Volunteer or Donate to Charity

Want to feel good this winter? Helping others is an instant mood boost! Look for opportunities to help at charities near you. Local options might include animal shelters, senior centers, food pantries and women’s shelters.

If you are not able to find a local charity to volunteer at, you can still do your part by donating to a charity. Round up old toys and clothes and take to a donation drop off near you!

37. Go Christmas Caroling

Want to bring some holiday cheer to your neighbors? Get some friends together to go Christmas Caroling. This tradition is so nostalgic and it is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

38. Trace Your Family Roots

Nowadays, it is so easy to learn about your family tree! You can use sites like to track your family’s roots. You might need your parents or grandparents to help you get started. It would be a fun project to work on together as a family!

39. Have a Karaoke Night

Do you want to have a fun night at home? Host a karaoke night with your friends. You can find reasonably prices karaoke machines to elevate your party!

40. Make Gingerbread Houses

Another fun teenage activity for teens in the winter is to make gingerbread houses! You can make the base of the houses from scratch or you can buy one of the pre-made Gingerbread House kits to make it a little easier. Ask your siblings or parents to join in the fun. You can have a gingerbread house contest including winners for creativity, skill and appearance!

41. Learn to Play the Ukulele

Even if you have never played an instrument before, the ukulele is one of the easier instruments to learn. There are a lot of You Tube Videos to help you learn how to play the instrument. The ukulele is a relatively inexpensive instrument to buy and most come with everything you need to get started!


42. Have a Snowball Fight

When the first snow fall hits in the season, it is time to have a snowball fight! Get your siblings and neighbors together and have an epic snowball fight. You are never too old to have this kind of fun!

43. Go to a Drive In Movie Theater

Going to a drive in movie theater does not just have to be a summer activity! Many drive in movie theaters show movies all year long. The nice thing about seeing a movie at a drive in during the winter is that you do not have to wait all night for it to be dark out. Most movies will start a lot earlier in the evening than in the summer time!

44. Call a Friend

While you might feel connected to your friends through social media and texting, it is still good to talk to someone on the phone. Make a call to a long distance friend or someone you have not talked to in a while. As a bonus, if the friend is local, make a date to meet in person sometime soon!

45. Have a Cozy Day at Home

Winter is all about being cozy! So, plan a day to stay in your pajamas and hang out under a warm blanket. In the busyness of the world, it is good to slow down and appreciate a day at home.

Printable Winter Bucket List for Teens

Are you ready to beat the winter boredom blues with this Teenage Winter Bucket List? You can sign up here to get the Teenage Winter Bucket List Printable.

Is there anything you would add to this teenage winter bucket list of ideas?

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Teenage Winter Bucket List Printable


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