Looking for fun things to do on Halloween for teens? Check out this list of Halloween Activities for Teenagers!

The Best Halloween Activities for Teenagers

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Halloween Activities for Teenagers

It is hard to believe but my oldest child is in high school. I am a bit sad that our fun days of trick or treating as a family are over. Truth be told, my older kids have gone trick or treating with friends the last few years. But, I think this is the year that my oldest will officially stop trick or treating. I would not mind if she would continue to trick or treat.

My thought on older kids treat or treating is that they should be able to go as long as they want to! You are only a kid once. We’ve told our kids long as you are wearing a costume and you are respectful of neighbors, you can keep trick or treating!

Whether this will be the year that she does not go trick or treating or not, we’ve come up with some fun Halloween activities for teenagers! 

What can teens do for Halloween? 

You are never too old to have fun on Halloween, right? If your teens are looking for fun things to do around Halloween, here are some great ideas.

Visit a Haunted House

This is at the top of my teen daughter’s Halloween activities list! She is already planning a fun night out visiting a haunted house with her friends. I am a little spooked already because I might end up being a driver. Does that mean I have to go inside the haunted house?

Pass out Halloween Candy

It can be fun for teens to help pass out Halloween candy. This can be a great set up because parents can go out trick-or-treating with younger siblings and the teen can stay at home.

Teens will be nostalgic seeing all of the cute and scary trick-or-treaters!

Have a Scary Movie Marathon with Friends

If your teens do not mind watching scary movies, then a Halloween movie marathon with friends would be a lot of fun! Check out this list of Best Scary Movies for Teens from Commonsense Media.

Dress up with Friends

It is certainly still acceptable to dress up for Halloween when you are a teenager. Even college students and adults dress up for Halloween. One fun way to save money on costumes is to visit a thrift store. Teens can make a challenge with their friends to put together the best scary or crazy costumes. Set a limit on how much everyone can spend on their costumes and then vote on most creative, scariest and funniest costumes!

Carve Pumpkins

If your teenagers are looking for a low key activity on Halloween, they can carve pumpkins with friends or family. This is another Halloween activity that can be a competition with friends. Of course, you could also keep it non competitive and just carve pumpkins and eat yummy snacks.

This is the best Pumpkin Carving Tools Kit. It is a lot safer than using kitchen tools including knives. This little pumpkin gutting tool is a must have for cutting down on the gutting process.

Play a Halloween Related Board Game 

Are your teens brave enough for some Halloween games? I will admit that I was never willing to do a Ouija Board. But, if you keep it light and not serious, this game would be a lot of fun.

Or teens could do more of a mystery theme and play Clue or try an at home Escape Room game like this one on Etsy.

Make an Outrageous Halloween Dessert

Another fun Halloween activity for teens is to get creative in kitchen. There are so many fun Halloween themed desserts and treats to make. Halloween doesn’t just have to be about the candy! You can make gross looking food or stick to something sweet and cute for Halloween.

Go to a Drive in Movie (the scarier movie the better)

Fall is the perfect time to go to a drive in movie theater. The nights get darker earlier, so you do not have to wait too long in the evening. It is fun to get cozy under a blanket and watch an outdoor movie! Check to see if there are some scary movie features playing at your local drive in movie theater.

Host a Halloween Party

One way to really get into the Halloween spirit is to host a Halloween Party. Decide if costumes are required and ask each friend to bring something to eat. You can watch movies, play games or just hang out and spend time with friends!

Read a Scary Book

Do you want to be really spooked this Halloween? Read a scary book! There are so many scary books for teens, you just have to decide how scared you want to be. These are a few top Scary Book Recommendations for Teens!

BOO Your Friends

Teenagers love to surprise their friends. Why wait until Christmas to do a secret Santa, when you can BOO your friends at Halloween. Put together a fun basket of Halloween goodies for your friends and then secretly drop off the treats on your friend’s doorstep. Include a note in the basket to indicate that your friend has been “BOOED” and then your friend can BOO someone else!

These are some Boo Basket Ideas for Teens!

Go on a Ghost Tour

Get in the spooky spirit by going on a Haunted Ghost Tour. Often times, local historic sites or cemetaries will host Ghost Tours around Halloween. So do a quick search in your area for a Ghost Tour!

Take Younger Siblings Trick or Treating

If none of their friends are willing to go trick-or-treating, they can offer to take a younger brother or sister. It is a win win because the turn doesn’t have to miss out on any candy. Plus, the younger sibling feels special going with an older sibling. Trick-or-treating hours are usually earlier in the evening, so there is still time for teens to go out with friends later on.

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Have a Candy Taste Test with Friends

Halloween is certainly about the candy! Since you might not go trick or treating and collect all of the candy,you might want to buy a bunch of candy! Make it fun with a candy taste test. Vote on your favorite Halloween candy. You can use this Food Taste Test Ballot.

Or even have a blind candy taste test with friends and see if you can guess what candy you are eating just by the taste and smell.

Go to an Escape Room

If you are looking for a group activity to do for Halloween, think about going to an Escape Room. It would be fun to work together with friends to solve a challenging mystery. Find an Escape Room that has a Halloween theme!

If you do not live near an Escape Room location, you can always do an at home Escape Room. There are a lot of DIY Escape Room Kits on Etsy and Amazon.

Have a Backyard Campout

Fall is a great time to go camping! It is not too hot and the cool nights make it comfortable for sleeping. Sleep out under the stars with your friends and tell ghost stories or watch a scary movie on a ipad or phone!

Visit a Historic Cemetery

Cemeteries can be cool places to visit anytime of year. But when, the days get crispy and the leaves start to turn, cemeteries can be especially cool and a little spooky. Of course, teens need to be respectful of any place they visit and should check on visiting hours and follow all rules.

There might be a historic tour or night time walking tour offered at a nearby cemetery.

What can a teenager do on Halloween with Friends?

There are still so many fun activities for teens to do on Halloween. These are just some of the many Halloween activities for teenagers!

Just because they have outgrown trick-or-treating does not mean that teens can’t have fun on Halloween. Save this post and pick some of these Halloween activities for teenagers to do this year!

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    Expressing different aspects of themselves through a Halloween costume can give teens deeper insight into who they are and how they want to be in the world. And the reactions they get from others give them information whether positive or negative about how the world sees.

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