Easter is just around the corner and if you have tween boys in your house, you may be stumped on what to put in their Easter Basket. I’ve rounded up over 17 Tween Boy Easter Basket Ideas your favorite boys are sure to love!


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Tween Boy Easter Basket Ideas

This past weekend, I looked at the calendar and I realized that Easter is just a month away. With things a little crazy this spring, there is some uncertainty on what is to come these next few weeks. But, one thing that remains, is that Easter will still be happening! Easter is a fun holiday to treat your kids to some spring time treats. My tween boy helped me come up with some Easter gift ideas that he would love in his Easter basket. Whether your boy is sport, a gamer or a reader, there is an Easter gift idea for every tween! Many of these gifts would be great for teen boys as well!

Easter gifts for tween boys

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Inexpensive Water Bottle

One thing that most kids can always use is a new water bottle. There are so many water bottle options out there and a lot of kids like the really expensive ones. But, these $10 water bottles are a great inexpensive option, so you do not have to sweat it as much if they lose it. My son picked out this exact one, so I’ll be adding it to his basket. It is nice to get items the kids can really use (as well as want)!

Nerf Blasters

Can tween boys ever have enough Nerf blasters? If you ask them–no! This Nerf shooter is a great price point and it would fit in most Easter baskets.You can not go wrong with Nerf products for any tween boy.

Pop Socket

Does our tween boy have a phone? If so, a Pop Socket is a great option for your tech loving tween. My son picked out this Yoda Pop Socket that any Star Wars fan would appreciate!

Dog Pile Travel Game

Dog Pile is such a fun game for all ages! We bought this game last summer and we bring it on the go, to restaurants and on trips. It is a quick and easy game that tweens can play on their own. We love it!

Minecraft Vinyl Figurine

Do you have a Mindcraft obsessed boy? My 10 year old son found these Minecraft Vinyl figures that he added to his wish list. It is a perfect small sized gift that is a lot of fun. Collectibles make great gifts because you can build upon the collection at each holiday. 

Spot It Game

One game that never gets old is Spot It. There are so many variations to this classic game, so you can find a theme that fits with your tween boy. My son was interested in the original game Spot It as we have a few variations of this game.

Baby Yoda Toy

Is your tween boy a fan of the Mandalorin? It is hard not to love Baby Yoda.  Baby Yoda memorabilia is going strong! This Baby Yoda plush is so cute. If you have a Star Wars fan, you will want to get something Baby Yoda for your tween boy.

Fortnite Plush

Is your tween boy ever too old for a stuffed animal, especially if it is Fortnite related? I don’t even know exactly how this banana guy relates to Fortnite, but my son thought he was pretty cool!

Graphic Novel

We always have a book or two in our Easter baskets. You can never have enough books:) My boys love graphic novels and this Hilo series is one of their favorites.(Start with Book 1 in the series). Dog Man and Diary of a Wimpy Kid are always great options for tweens too! My younger son loves the I Survived Graphic Novels.

Lego Sets

There are some great Lego sets for tweens that are at a good price point. We found these Dinosaur Creator Set and a Lego Brickheadz Easter Bunny sets. Both great Lego sets that are under $15!

My boys are really into the new Mario Lego sets, so if your son is too, you can add a few small Mario Character sets to his collection.

Candy Wrapper Puzzle

You can combine two hobbies (sweets and puzzles) with this one Candy Puzzle! My son found this puzzle and it is so perfect for a tween boy! Puzzles are a great way to spend an afternoon indoors.

Bunch of Balloons

Get your tween boy geared up for summer with a pack of Bunch of Balloons. The boys love to have water balloon fights all summer long, so it is always good to be prepared. Since we buy this a lot of these balloons anyway, I will definitely throw in a pack or two to my tween boy’s Easter basket.

Pizza Slice Pool Float

Pool floats are a huge hit for tween boys! Pick their favorite food and you can find a float for that. This pizza float is one of our favorites!

Swim Goggles

Another great Easter gift idea that would be helpful for summer is a pair of swim goggles! We go through a lot of googles in our house, so my tween could use a new pair! My son is on a swim team and these are his favorite brand of goggles. 


We have been gifting Crocs in the kids’ Easter baskets for as long as I can remember. Crocs have yet to go out of style for kids! I’ve already picked up a pair of Crocs for my son’s Easter gift.

Water Football

One last item we found is this water football! We have a lot of water balls and toys but we go through them a lot so I like to get new ones each year. This football will be a  fun and useful gift once summer rolls around!


I hope you have gotten some Easter gift ideas for your tween boy! Let me know what your tween boy is getting for Easter this year!

Tween Boy Easter Gift Ideas

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  1. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on March 17, 2020 at 7:40 am

    Such cute ideas!

  2. Tiffany on March 18, 2020 at 10:09 am

    Great ideas, Jaclyn! My son is obsessed with Crocs at the moment. He has a million of those jibbitz too! Boys are so funny 🙂

    • Jaclyn on March 18, 2020 at 10:27 am

      oh yes! I need to get some of the jibbitz!!!

  3. Brittany Boyce on March 18, 2020 at 11:51 am

    These are great ideas! Some of them inspired me for my girls’ Easter baskets, too! <3

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