Valentine’s Day is st around the corner and now is the time for the kids to pick out their classroom Valentine’s Cards! Every child loves cereal so why not share these Cereal Valentine’s Day Cards! Print them out and then attach a bag or box of cereal to the cards!

Printable Cereal Valentine Cards for Kids


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Valentine’s Cereal Themed Card Printable

One of my favorite holidays to celebrate with my kids is Valentine’s Day! There is just something so sweet about seeing the kids pick out Valentine’s Cards for their friends and then take the time to write each one. I love when they come home from school after their Valentine’s Day party with a box brimming with Valentine’s Day treats.

The kids usually dump out their Valentine’s Day box on the kitchen counter and then show me all the sweet notes and yummy treats they received.

The Valentine’s Day holiday is truly a bright spot in the middle of a worst part of Winter (at least in my mind!). So, each year, I try to  make Valentine’s Day special for the kids. We always do a our Valentine’s Day Breakfast.

But I also like to come up with fun classroom Valentine’s Day cards! This year, we came up with a new Valentine’s Day card that will be fun to take to classroom parties and to share with family and friends!

We picked a Cereal Themed Valentine’s Day card because what child does not love cereal? My youngest son eats in for breakfast, snack and sometimes even a little bowl for dessert! We saw these snack sized cereal bags, which you can find on Amazon or at Target, and we came up with a cute Valentine’s Day printable card to go with them.

These cereal snack bags are a nice option instead of the usual candy that the kids get a lot of! Nothing wrong with all the sweet treats at Valentine’s Day. But it is fun to do something a little bit different!

What You Need for these Cards:

I always try to come up with unique homemade Valentine’s Day Cards that are inexpensive. Depending on how many classmates your child has, you can probably keep these Cereal Valentine’s Day cards under $15 for an entire class!

First, grab as many mini cereal boxes as you will need! We got several of these Cereal Packs from Target. (I always use the curbside pick up option from Target! So easy and convenient!) But, you can also order these on Amazon! 

You will also want to pick up some ribbon or twine to attach the card to the cereal box. I decided to include a spoon to go with the cereal but this is up to you!

How to Print the Cereal Valentine’s Day Cards

Then, sign up here to print out the Cereal Themed Valentine’s Day Cards! The PDF file will contain one page of four Cereal Valentine’s Day Cards! So print out as many copies as you will need! Do not forget to save the file because you can use these print out as many copies as you would like.

Printable Cereal Themed Valentine's Day Cards

I would recommend printing out the cards on card stock paper. This paper will hold up a lot better.

Putting It All Together

After you print out the cards, have your child sign his name on each of the cards. Be sure to do this before you attach the cereal bags.

Then, you could punch holes in the center of the card and loop the ribbon through them. Or, like I did, you could just put a piece of tape on the back of the card and then tie the ribbon around the card and the cereal bag!

I found that if you tie the ribbon once and then place the spoon on top of the ribbon, you can then tie it in a bow and the spoon stays put!

Cereal Themed Valentine Cards

It is a really fun Valentine’s Day Card project to do with the kids and it is so easy!

Get the Printable Cereal Valentine Cards

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